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Boeing P-12 100E

P-12 100E


The initial aircraft in this series of Boeing biplane fighters were the Types 83 and 89, which first flew in 1928. The US Navy adopted the design and placed an order for 27 aircraft as the F4B-1 (Boeing Model 99), the first aircraft being delivered in May 1929. The US Army Air Corps followed suite, ordering the aircraft as the land-based Boeing P-12A. Further orders raised the production total to 586 examples, with overseas customers including Brazil and Spain. Power was supplied by a 550hp Pratt and Whitney Wasp radial engine. The Thai military bought two of these aircraft in 1931, and they are said to be in service up until 1949 - undoubtedly the last operational Boeing biplane fighters in the world!

The example on display at the Museum is said to bear the constructors number 1488. No external codes relating to its use by the Air Force during the 1930s are now visible.

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