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Museum Official website

The prime reference for the Museum is obviously their own website, but unfortunately this has little detail, has no Thai/English options, and does not appear to have been updated for some time. Go to their guestbook and suggest that they employ me to make some improvements . . . .

Royal Thai Air Force

The Royal Thai Air Force site seems to carry quite a lot more information on the history, organisation and current status of the Force. Recently a section written in English has been added, and this provides quite good historical coverage together with a nice range of photographs.

Thailand Aviation News

Thailand Aviation news seems to be more active, and presents news about Thai airline's internal and international flights.

Thai Flying Club

There is some private flying in Thailand at the club level. The Thai Flying Club is based at Bang Phra airport, which is about one and a half hours drive from Bangkok on the Pattaya Road. Their website is in English. The club seems to be sizeable, as it boasts a fleet of forty aircraft. The charge-out rates listed seem to be quite high in relation to those prevailing in New Zealand; to a Thai national (where the average income is much lower) they must seem astronomical.

Chiang Mai Military Aircraft Museum

There are some vintage aircraft at Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand. I am told that these are a Douglas C-47, the crashed remains of a Curtiss P-40B, several T-28 and T-6 trainers, a batch of Cessna Bird-dogs, two Chipmunks and one example each of a Fairchild U10, A-37B Dragonfly and a T-33 jet trainer. Access is not obvious, as when I was in the town I was not aware of their presence, and just caught a glimpse of one of the C-47s which is parked in the open at the airfield. At least I now have a good excuse to go back there!


The 'Landings' website can give you information about Thai registered civil aircraft in response to a query on registration code, aircraft type, owner or constructors number. This database appears to list previously extant aircraft as well as those currently active.

World of Thai Aviation History

A comprehensive effort by Steve Dark, who has lived in Bangkok for some years. Several photos of both current and derelict Thai aircraft, plus historical surveys and fleet lists. Well recommended.