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Kaman H-43-B Huskie

H-43-B Huskie

The Kaman H-43 was at one time the standard rescue helicopter within the US military, as it was slow but reliable. This particular aircraft saw similar use with the Thai military with the serial  "H.5-2 / 05" , and is one of four examples that served from 1963 to 1994. Johan Ragay's Huskie site gives a construction number of 115 for this machine, which therefore bore the USAF serial 60-0291.

Early examples were powered by a Pratt & Whitney 600-hp radial piston engine. This was replaced by a 825-shp Lycoming T53-L-INB turboshaft in later models. This modification permitted the installation of the small turboshaft on the fuselage roof, rather than within the cabin itself, thus enlarging the usable cabin space