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from Peter & Meredith's Australia Trip


These pages display a selection of the vintage, historic and classic aircraft that we saw during our month-long trip to Australia in December 1998 - January 1999.

Arriving in Sydney just before Christmas, we then traveled across the Blue Mountains to Bathurst, then down through Cowra to Canberra. From Canberra we tracked across to reach the coast at Merimbula, Tiger Moth World, Torquayand followed the coastline down to Melbourne. After a most interesting New Year celebration at the Melbourne Casino, and visiting friends at Ballarat, we headed back across to the coast at Torquay. Following the scenic Pacific Highway route we reached the town of Portland, and then headed inland for the Grampian mountains, Hamilton, and into South Australia at Bordertown. Adelaide was the the end of our trip, but we did have time there to travel out to the Yorke Peninsular, Barossa Valley, and a three-day trip on the Murray River Princess paddlesteamer.

During pre-trip planning, I discovered there were something like 60 locations along this route where historical aviation artifacts could be found. Unfortunately, my partner showed an adverse reaction when I suggested we needed to average two sites a day. A certain amount of culling then took place, and a short list of 'must see' locations survived. These are the ones you see here.

Meanwhile, a big THANK YOU to all the individuals who helped with information, access and time to make this trip such a marvelous experience:

  • Trevor Dean of the Australian Aviation Museum, Bankstown
  • The guys (particularly 'Biggles') at Tiger Moth World, Torquay
  • Darryl Gibbs, Clyde North Aeronautical Preservation Group
  • Eric at the Treolar Technology Centre, Canberra
  • Ron at the RAAF Museum, Point Cook
  • The team at Adelaide Airport Ltd. who provided access to the Vimy not just once but twice.
  • The guys at Classic Jets, Parafield (who are also good for information about the Barossa Valley wine region!!)

Although I am not an expert on Australian aircraft history, I have given notes on some of these aircraft. In most cases, if you click on the thumbnail pictures, you will get a larger view - I have done this to expedite download speeds. If you see any errors, or can add any interesting additional material, I would be glad to hear back from you.

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